Time to step up
Time to THRIVE!

A powerful gathering of Conscious Entrepreneurs

More and more of us are finding our true calling, our soul-purpose and more and more of us are stepping up to that calling – ready to serve. Are you?

A Gift for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Business Organically
Starter Kit
- a $97 value

home study course

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Here's what you'll get:

1st module


•  how to thrive in business using the power of nature

•  how attracting clients can be OBVIOUS instead of confusing

•  the 3 steps to increase your income

•  why what you've been doing works or doesn't

•  how to sell more without being "salesy"

•  how to grow your business with HEART, with SMART
                                                                    AND with inner guidance

You'll come away with several ways you can immediately start to increase your business.

Here's what's included:

•  the Thrive Assessment

•  the Introductory Workshop Video

•  55 Seed Ideas for Growing Your Business

•  Step 1 of your Growth Plan

•  and a complimentary subscription to the Grow Your Business Organically newsletter

we are the ones


dan howard
I feel that I've created a great product and yet, I felt stuck when it came to marketing the product. Sylvia gently used her marketing process called "Growing your Business Organically," to walk me through marketing in a new way.

I was surprised at how simple it was to see where I was stuck and then I was able to see what next action steps I needed to take to draw my customers to me... I was very impressed and it's working, I'm getting sales! If you're wanting to grow your business, you've got to try Sylvia's process.

– Dan Howard, Intentional Resting



trishaIt's building and building and every little bit is making more clear what I've wanted to do for years. And just having the support, it's true if you have someone you're accountable to... it's helping me finish little things that push me forward out of my comfort zone and I say "that wasn't so bad after all."

– Trisha Schelble



andreaIt's a way for me to really be clear on what I'm offering and how best to do that...

It's such a gift to be able to have this forum where we can get so much clarity and help one another. For me, that's the part of community and this Conscious Business Circle is that we've got others and where we're all in different places we can really support one another.

– Andrea Bernstein, Conscious Destiny


mark hollandI've been in the business world for over 30 years. I wish something like this would have been in place when I started. I could have avoided a lot of blind alleys.

What you're doing has been an enormous help to me.

– Mark Holland Cambridge Financial Center




Sylvia Nibley

I'm here to make thriving in business easier for you! After 17 years as a Conscious Entrepreneur with LOTS of lessons learned, I’ve created the Grow Your Business Organically system and the Conscious Business Circle to help soul-based business owners thrive while living their vision, passion and purpose.

My unwavering commitment with this program is to make it so fun and so valuable that years from now you’ll look back and see your participation as a key turning point in your success.

Some say “love is my religion,” – well, love is also my business plan and I know in my bones that it’s the most powerful plan there is!

I’m honored and excited to bring this opportunity for making a difference while making a living.

Much love,
Sylvia Nibley

This is not just a program. It’s a movement!
And you are a key part of it.


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